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Gladys: Place the vessel on the mat.

Sock: Whoa, it's gonna be kind of difficult with all that sexual tension pushing back.


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Oh baby, just reading those villains names, specially mr Squid Wigglyarms, is reason eorthy enough to read this whale (i'm sorry this whole) post. As usual, i had tremendous fun, even more considering i'm not a christmas-ish kind of guy. Absolutely great reading. Thanks and cheers!!! Vic here, from Portugal.

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The AI photo has given the shark... uh... two mouths, I think... truly blursed. That is probably why I can only find two of the telltale signs on the shirt.

I don't think the Montegrappa Chaos qualifies. It WANTS to be an eldritch carrier of arcane things and unspeakable horrors, twisted souls and mind-bending, stylish energy, but it's mostly just showoff. However I have my suspicions about the Opus 88 Mini Pocket Fountain Pen Cheer Kitty. I must insist on someone gifting it to me, that I may explore this line of inquiry.

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... ooooops of reason worthy, not eorthy... (These goddamn large fingers over the smartphone's wee keypad...)

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