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Super enjoying your style, would love to hear you roast the pen designed by Sylvester Stallone...

In terms of weird pens I'm oddly fond of the magnetic closing Stilform (ballpoint), which is not actually that great to write with, because it's slippery and heavy.

My weirdest fountain pen would have to be the Majohn Q1 which I seriously thought was a poorly adjusted photo with the wrong aspect ratio when I first saw it on line. As an actual pen it is pretty good though!

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I don’t have any pens that are weird. I am just re-starting my fountain pen obsession, so I have basic starter pens. Hope to build my collection to have some weird pens! Thanks for sharing. Love your work.

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As with every post so far, a delight to read!

I have to say I am sadly lacking in the weird pen area, obviously through no fault of my own, but the clicky-clacky Pilot Decimo with a sort of burgundy/dark red metallic colour to it does turn heads when what clicks out of it is a fountain pen nib, not a ball-point. Also, because of the unexpected placement of the clip. And that distraction is all you need...

Of course, if they don't fall for it, I bring out the literal big guns, with a Scribo La Dotta in one of those colours that catch light so fetchingly. Slightly bulbous, very nice to write with, pretty to look at; everyone wins. Well, I win. I would bring out a Feel, but I have yet to settle on one for a future purchase.

They're no Benu, but they will do for now. I am enjoying looking at yours instead.

I cannot wait to feast my eyes and intellect upon your upcoming posts. I have a sort of cozy, keeps-you-warm-in-the-cold, burning hatred for one particular of Montegrappa's designs, but laughing with consternation at nearly everything else they have done never gets old.

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