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It surely looks like AI enjoys going out EVERY single night for a not-so-few cold ones with the boys and doesn't quite handle the morning-after hagnhovers so well 😂😂😂😂😂 Vic, from Portugal

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This was SO MUCH FUN!!! Also I really don't think that the AI knows what a fountain pen nib is supposed to look like...

This one has a SCREW in it! https://substack-post-media.s3.amazonaws.com/public/images/a9091bdb-c8c0-49cc-b8c1-6a7d6f9fea31_512x512

No clue about this one, though it's supposed to be a demonstrator fountain pen: https://substack-post-media.s3.amazonaws.com/public/images/7003b9fa-b11c-4952-9cc7-5f5574768c85_512x512

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