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Usually I bring three fountain pens to work (mainly because my favorite and most portable of my far too many pen case type things hold 3 pens). I also always have a ballpoint, mechanical pencil, and usually a gel pen and/or marker somewhere in my bag. I have about 8 or 9 fountain pens inked up though because I want to use my pens and I want to have a bunch of colors! It does make me slightly uneasy, though, in a way that 3 or 4 pens wouldn't. (I have a sort of system where the inked pens live in pen trays on or near my desk.). And my notes are neither color-coded nor well-organized, but they are colorful! I love Footnote 2. I recently realized that it no longer much matters what I wear, because I've aged into the eccentric old lady bracket. Definitely not worried about carrying too many pens! It's kinda great!

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I bring as many pens as I feel like, which is generally at least 6 and often 10, because I like variation when I write. I like my variation, that I do.

Of course, I only use fountain pens... but I've got a small Pilot... is it Flighter they're called? A tiny one, in any case, with both ballpoint (or rollerball, whatever) and mechanical pencil in one. Never know when I have to write with the latter in my physical calendar.

And it's a chance to gently bring more knowledge of how awesome fountain pens are, out into the world.

And if I don't use physical pens, whatever the meeting was about just... completely disappears within minutes of leaving it.

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Hi! Vic here. I usually carry around a semi-rigid Moleskine case which was designed to writing objects but that i somehow adapted to make do, and in it i usually bring 11 (yes, eleven) fountain pens, because i just love fountain pens and happen to have 11 differently couloured inks, plus one very basic and cheappy mechanical pencil (nice to resolve crossword puzzles) and one all-metal Parker Jotter ballpoint (yes i'm with you, SOMETIMES one needs to sign whatever...). Inevitably sometimes the question pops up and i try to explain the ridiculous little pleasures findable around the act of writing by hand with liquid ink and a classic instrument. Usually the reaction of this extra-modern times of tech-above-everything trained people lies somewhat around comiseration for the poor simpleton who doesn't prefer to use the last iphone model to register his ideas. I usually end up with some kind of pity dor them, back, and willing to use more often that acrimonious ANSWER TO RULE ALL ANSWERS: simply 'WHY NOT?". Cheers! Vic, from Portugal.

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