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This is the best picture of the best pen that has or ever will exist. It perfectly captures the joy and exuberance of fine writing and also: skulls. 

That is, a good pen makes writing a pleasure. It encourages you to slow down, be contemplative, and resist the pressure to live an endlessly “optimized” life for the sake of grinding out a few more tasks each day.

But a great pen does all that stuff and makes it look like a sparkly parrot is vomiting your words onto the page. It glows in the dark for the times when you want to write in a pitch-black room. It is covered in camouflage for when you need to write an elegant letter but are stuck in a trench in the Argonne, is stonewashed to look like a pair of blue jeans from the mid-90’s, or is dragon-themed because dragons.

If you’re not into fine writing, you can appreciate the elegance and refinement of a good pen while still being content to write with whatever garbage ballpoint is at the top of your junk drawer. But when you see a great pen and it melts your brain because you are torn between “lol who would want that” and “ME, YOU MAGNIFICENT IDIOT” you suddenly get it.

That’s what seeing the Montegrappa Chaos did for me years ago, and now here I am trying to do the same for you.

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